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Black Cats Don’t Have Anything To Do With Bad Luck

Many people see black cats as a sign of bad luck. This kind of taboo goes the same for Friday the 13th, your doppelgänger, mirror breaks, etc. Most of these claims are unproven and are illogical themselves.

That is the reason why Monika Malek started her project to prove that black cats are innocent. Her series consists of 13 shots. She shows pictures of black cats in different situations, in which they’re “not only as sweet kittens willing to play but also as conquerors and vultures.” In a nutshell, black cats are not any different from any other colored cats. They are, by no means, responsible for your bad luck.

On Friday the 13th, expect bad luck.

If you give someone a cactus, you’ll bring them misery.

Breaking a mirror means 7 years of misery.

Scattering salt brings an argument.

Don’t put your bag on the floor or your money will run away from your wallet.

Putting bread upside-down brings bad luck and misfortune.

Spilled coffee on a saucer brings bad luck.

A falling fork brings hungry guests.

If your soap falls down, expect the unexpected.

Misery loves company.

Putting shoes on a table brings hunger and poverty to your home.

A horseshoe hanging upside-down brings bad luck.

Going under a ladder brings bad luck.