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Say Hi To Meepo, The Shower Loving Cat

Meepo, the British Longhair cat, was adopted when was 2 months old. With his long coat of fur, it’d be a tough job for his owners to keep him clean, especially when they’re living in a hot and humid area.

Cats are usually not very fond of water or baths, but Meepo is another case. He is so calm and relaxed when his owner baths him, and he even looks pretty joyful during the process. Meepo also loves to play with stuffs in the bathroom. Therefore, his owners decided to give him a bath every Saturday so he would look gorgeous always.

So ready for shower!

“Now lead me to the drier.”

“I love water!”

“Whoosh! Now who’s fab here?”

Lookin’ fine in that hat.

He looks fire!

Shrinky shrinky.

… but happy!

He looks so much cuter with that breeze effect.

Up for another shower?

Watch the video here: